Imantia quality guarantee

Imantia develops all its training actions tailored to its customers, following a rigorous quality process endorsed by the ISO 9001 certification.

The pillars of Imantia

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Imantia Methodology

A new way of working

It is a powerful tool to develop multiple intelligences in people. It is transversal to the acquisition and development of competences.
Reinforce in organizations:

  • The leadership
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Organizational emotional intelligence
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Classroom Training

The theory is combined with practice

We facilitate the acquisition of knowledge in a practical, participatory and collaborative way using more than 20 different face-to-face methods

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Blended learning

Everything at your fingertips

We carry out the balanced use of the different face-to-face and virtual methodologies.

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Experiential Learning

Develop your skills

Aimed at the development of some of the multiple intelligences (corporal-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic). Suitable for teamwork skills, conflict resolution, change management …

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Coaching and supervision of internal coaches

Develop your skills

We carry out individualized programs for the development of competences.

We supervise the practice of the internal coaches of the organizations.

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Training at work

On-site training

Integrated actions of on-site training aimed at the individual acquisition of competencies with the maximum participation and complicity of all the people involved.

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